Faculty and Staff
Ulrich Neumann

Director, Professor, Computer Science
3737 Watt Way, PHE 402
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089

tel: 213-740-4489

Jongmoo Choi

Sr. Research Associate, Computer Science
3737 Watt Way, PHE 432
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089

tel: 213-740-0991


Qiangui Huang

Ph.D. Student
Weiyue Wang

Ph.D. Student

CGIT Graduates / Former Members

Ph.D. Alumni
Research Staff Member, HRL
Ilimi Yoon (Ph.D.)
Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
Jun Park (Ph.D.)
Assistant Professor, Hong-ik University, Korea
Assistant Professor, Sejong University, Korea
Associate Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Research Scientist, Rhythm & Hues Studio
Research Associate, USC Computer Vision Lab
Clint Chua (Ph.D.)
Sr. Software Engineer, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento
Associate Professor, University of Houston
Jinhui Hu (Ph.D.)
Innovator/Scientist, Siemens TTB
Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Zhenyao Mo (Ph.D.)
Visiting Professor, University of Cyprus
Software Engineer, Facebook
Lu Wang (Ph.D.)
Software Engineer, Google
Seon-Min Rhee (Postdoc.)
Quan Wang (Ph.D.)
Software Engineer, Ericsson R&D
Postdoctoral researcher, Computer Graphics Lab at Stanford University
Lecturer, NIDA University, Bangkok, Thailand
Wei Guan (Ph.D.)
Senior Quantitative Researcher / Machine Learning Scientist, The Climate Corporation
Software Engineer, Apple
Guan Pang (Ph.D.)
Software Engineer, Facebook
Jing Huang (Ph.D.)
Software Engineer, Facebook
Rongqi Qiu (Ph.D.)
Software Engineer, Baidu

Other Alumni
Suya You (Research Assis. Prof.)
US Army Research Laboratory
JP Lewis (Research Associate)
Stanford University
Reyes Enciso (Research Associate)
School of Dentistry, USC
Andy Qin (M.S.)
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Philips Research
Square Enix Co.(Japan)
Thomas Pintaric (Undergrad.)
Vienna University of Technology,Austria
Yili Zhao (Ph.D.)
Software Engineer, Facebook
Yi Li (Ph.D.)
Experienced Advisory Associate, KMPG
Kelvin Chung (Research Associate)
Luciano Nocera (Research Assoc.)