Rongqi Qiu ranked 21st place in ICPC World Finals 2013

In 2013 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, CGIT 2nd year PhD student Rongqi Qiu and his teammates ranked 21st place overall among 120 teams and 3rd place in North America, following CMU and MIT and followed by Standford, Columbia ... and 18 other teams in North America!

The complete result is here:

July, 2013

Congratuations to Prof. Zhigang Deng for his promotions to Associate Professor

Prof. Zhigang Deng, former CGIT member, has been promoted to Associate Professor in Computer Science Depapartment at the University of Houston on August 2012. Congratuations!

October, 2012

Rongqi Qiu wins 1st place Programming Contest

On last Saturday (12th Nov), Rongqi Qiu (CGIT's 1st year PhD student) and Yu Cheng (1st year CS PhD student) and Siyu Yue (1st year EE PhD student), his teammates, won the ACM Southern California Regional Programming Contest. His team won the championship and advanced to ACM ICPC World Final. For the first time, USC got the 1st place among teams from Caltech, HMC, UCSD, UCLA, etc. Thanks to Jing Huang (CGIT's 2nd year PhD student) for great coaching of the team.

The World Final next year are in Warsaw, Poland, from 14 - 18, May, 2012. Congratulations and good luck next year in Poland!

November, 2011

Research paper receives award at the IEEE Virtual Reality Conference

We are pleased to announce that the research work of Charalambos Poullis and Suya You on rapid, automatic city modeling titled "Automatic Creation of Massive Virtual Cities" has been awarded the "Audience Choice Award - Best Sketch" at the annual IEEE Virtual Reality conference held in Lafayette, Louisiana on 14-18 March 2009.
Two new graduate students, Huahang Liu and Pradeep Vaghela, joined our lab beginning Spring 2009.

March, 2009

Promotion of Associate Prof. Junyong Noh, a Former CGIT Member

Congratulations to a former CGIT member, Associate Prof. Junyong Noh, on his promotion ( We wish him continued success.

Feb, 2009

CGIT Ph.D. students had papers accepted for CVPR'09

We are pleased to announce that three CGIT Ph.D. students had their papers accepted for CVPR'09. The papers relate to automatic building of 3D models from Lidar data, which is an area of strength for the lab in recent years. The papers and authors are, alphabetically:

Automatic Reconstruction of Cities from Remote Sensor Data - Charalambos Poullis & Suya You

A Robust Approach for Automatic Registration of Aerial Images with Untextured Aerial LiDAR Data - Lu Wang & Ulrich Neumann

A Streaming Framework for Seamless Building Reconstruction from Large-Scale Aerial LiDAR Data - Qian-Yi Zhou & Ulrich Neumann

March 2009

ACM Siggraph Asia 2008 in Singapore

CGIT student, Qian-Yi Zhou had a paper accepted to the first ACM Siggraph conference in Asia on the use of Cages for character animation.

CGIT researchers, Qian-Yi Zhou and Ulrich Neumann, participated in a joint project of cage-based animation, which result in a technical paper published in the first Siggraph Asia conference: "Reusable Skinning Templates Using Cage-based Deformations" (T. Ju, Q.-Y. Zhou, M. Panne, D. Cohen-Or and U. Neumann). Both paper and video can be downloaded via Qian-Yi Zhou's Homepage:

December, 2008

PhD candidate did a four month research internship in New Zealand

Jonathan Mooser travelled to Christchurch, New Zealand for the fall semster, where he did an internship with the Human Interface Technology Lab (HITLab) at the University of Canterbury. HITLab is one of the leading Augmented Reality labs in the world.

In New Zealand, Jonathan continued his research into visual recognition and tracking of 3D objects. Working under director Mark Billinghurst and Senior Research Scientist Raphael Grasset, Jonathan had the opportunity to benefit from close collaboration with other students and staff members. During his four month tenure, he also attended New Zealand's IVCNZ conference and delivered a guest lecture to the University of Canterbury's advanced computer vision class.

August, 2008

CGIT Research in Collaboration with Airbus Inc.

Ulrich Neumann and Suya You are recipients of a new research grant from Airbus Inc. to pursue research into camera tracking for Augmented Reality applications. This three-year research program will be pursued with Korean Airlines and INHA University (Korea). Dr. Seon-Min Rhee, a postdoctoral researcher at CGIT, will take a leading roll in this program.

March, 2008

CGIT researchers presented work on Siggraph 2004

At ACM SIGGRAPH 2004 (Los Angeles), CGIT researchers presented one paper "VisualIDs: Automatic Distinctive Icons for Desktop Interfaces" (J.P.Lewis, R. Rosehnoltz, N. Fong, U. Neumann) and one technical sketch "Improved Automatic Caricature by Feature Normalization and Exaggeration" (Z. Mo, J.P. Lewis, and U. Neumann).

August, 2004

Graduate student attended 2003 IBM UIT Student Symposium

Zhigang Deng,a Ph.D. student in CGIT Lab, was invited to attend 2003 IBM User Interface Technology (UIT) Student Symposium at IBM T.J. Waston Research Center on Sep 15,2003. And in this symposium, Deng gave a talk on practical eye movement model using texture synthesis.

September 20, 2003

New York Times report facial animation research in CGIT

Dr. Ulrich Neumann, director of the Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC) at U.S.C. in NY Times article. Integrated Media Systems Center research to classify and quantify characteristic human expression will let Hollywood directors fill screens with virtual actors.

September 4,2003

Three new Ph.D. students joined into our Lab.

Three new Ph.D. students (Ismail Oner Sebe,Taehyun Rhee and Kyung-Kook Park) joined in to our Lab, starting from 2003 Fall.

September 1,2003

AVE system installed at Northrup Grumman

In August of 2003, CGIT researchers Ulrich Neumann, Suya You, Jinhui Hu, Ismail Oner Sebe, and Bolan Jiang developed and installed an AVE demonstration system at Northrup Grumman in Carson. The Augmented Virtual Environment (AVE) system will be used for demonstrations of video stream visualization for security applications.

August, 2003

NSF Report Fasttrack: Behind the Blockbusters--Special Effects Tool Locks Characters onto Film

IMSC has developed exciting new software which allows for faster and easier integration of special effects into movies. The notable effects house Rhythm & Hues used this software with great success on several recent blockbuster films, including Daredevil and X-Men 2.

July 31, 2003